This is an updated version of my past blog post, How to Implement Redux in A React Application, that now uses hooks, specifically useSelector and useDispatch. Feel free to poke around with this sample code.

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Let’s get organized! There are many great tutorials that break down the concepts behind Redux…

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During my job search, I’ve been publishing at least one blog per week. After reading many sample blogs and creating my own, I’ve come up with four basic things that you can do to make your blog posts pop. …

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So you’re interested in learning Python. One of the first things to learn about are the four built-in data structures. Check out the examples below for a quick overview!

  1. LISTS
    l = [1, 2, “a”]
    Contents: ordered sequence of objects
    Mutable/Immutable: mutable — can add or remove elements
    Similar to: array
    Built with: enclosed…

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Recently, some colleagues and I wanted to make a web application that modeled various types of Covid data. We found the Covid Tracking Project API and decided we wanted a way to show general predictions on a state and country level. …

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Something that I learned pretty early on in my coding career is this: even if your app has amazing functionality, if it doesn’t look good, it will be overshadowed by better-looking apps. First impressions are important, and that carries over to your projects.

If you’re working with React, Material-UI is…


This blog picks up where my previous blog post, Game Design: Intro to Vector Projections Part I, left off.

In the last blog post, we reviewed vector basics and ended with how to find a vector projection. …

Bounce Around

These days, we take a lot of things for granted. In terms of website design, we expect pages to look a certain way, and we forget that there is a lot of code behind simple functionality. For games, we expect game components to react a certain way (eh, eh, see…

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Classical music and software engineering — what do they have in common?

I’m a musician, and I’m a full-stack developer. I recently graduated from the Flatiron School, and as I reflect on my own path as I begin the process of applying to engineering positions, I’ve thought about this question…

Along with my other blog on the basic setup of Redux, Redux with Hooks: Basic Setup, I thought it would be helpful to write out the steps to adding Thunk to your React-Redux application. Feel free to check out the sample code!

Step 1: Run npm install redux-thunk.

What is…

Unless you are specifically interested in mapStateToProps and mapDispatchToProps, please check out the updated version of this blog, Redux with Hooks: Basic Setup, that incorporates useSelector and useDispatch.

There are many great tutorials that break down the concepts behind Redux or give a nice overview of how everything’s connected, but…

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Software engineer/full-stack developer and founding member of the Breaking Winds Bassoon Quartet.

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